Friday, January 30, 2009

still cooking

over 50C with the wind chill (so basically it "feels" like 50C outside). the air conditioning at work decided not to work properly the past 2 days. at least it worked a bit. it was still nicer than outside. after i got home this afternoon i bathed the dog (just a cool water, no soap bath) and then got in the shower myself while wombat banged around in her dog house outside, rubbing her face and body on her doona in there. as soon as i got out of the shower, the phone rang. i figured it was zac so i grabbed my towel and went into the laundry room to grab it. it was zac. while i was on the phone with him i glanced out the back door to see the dog was no longer in her house but was in the garden BEHIND the fence i put around the tomatoes, chewing on grass (i guess the grass was greener there then the part of the garden she's allowed in). i wasn't sure how she got back there and figured she'd need help getting out. i was standing in a towel with wet feet and talking on the phone. not really in a position to help. next thing i know she's rubbing her body along the twig-like fencing thing i've put up in front of the steel fence to try to keep some heat out of our yard. that thing is soooooo dusty. then she started rolling around in the grass and dirt in the garden (she was still wet from her bath too). i got off the phone so i could get sandals and try to rescue her. while i was getting my flip flops she just hopped the (fairly high) fence. i put her back in the tub and gave her another bath (with lots of scrubbing to get the dirt all out). by the time i finished her i was sweaty and sticky and the tub was filled with dirt so i decided i had to have another shower while rinsing the tub. when i got out i looked at the time and realized i'd just spent almost half an hour just getting ready to get comfortable and relax with the dog in front of the evapourative cooler.
public transport is free today (connex's way to try to make it up to the public after cancelling 200 trains the other day and over 300 yesterday). trams are doing ok but apparently running behind schedule. we may try to take our tram down to middle park or st. kilda for a swim tonite (only on an air conditioned tram though). or we may just use our $15 credit we have each month with flexicar and hire a car from 11 pm where it'll only cost us 1 hr ($13.95) to have it up til 7am.
tomorrow is only supposed to be 35C. i'm excited about that. nice and "cool" again.

ok. it took me 20 min to type this (i got distracted by the dog). a "cool" change has arrived again! now to get that air in the house:

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