Tuesday, January 20, 2009

over 40

we've finally topped the 40C mark for this year (and if you notice the wind "chill" temp in the right column it's almost 47C!!!!). fortunately i only worked til 1 so i am home keeping the dog from getting heat stroke this afternoon. i wish she would sit in front of the evapourative cooler. even on the lowest setting it's soooo nice and then we'd be fine with leaving her home all day (although spending a lot on electricity for the dog). at work this morning i mentioned that riding a bike is actually kinda nice in heat because you do get a cool breeze. then i mentioned the one time i remember it not being nice (and of course i got lost that day too, making my ride even longer)-- new years eve a few years ago. it was a HOT wind and i could feel the heat coming off the cars and pavement. when i went to ride home today(having to make a slight detour to the shops) it felt like that new years eve (and after looking at the temperature, it actually is very similar)-- HOT wind blowing hard (in my face for the detour bit). i got home and was greeted by a panting dog. i could hear a noise and realized our central cooling was on. it doesn't actually cool the house but cold air blows out of the vents. i hope that wasn't on long because i'm sure it uses a lot of electricity (and doesn't really do a lot). we must have never turned off the central heating at its power point outside-- the cooling kicks in i think when the house gets over 35C or something but its useless so we just turn off the central heating until autumn and we quit getting super hot days.
the dog has now been soaked down and i'm sitting in front of the cooler moving away from it as little as possible until the cool change arrives.

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