Wednesday, January 28, 2009

oh sooooo hot!

i've survived a good part of the first ridiculously hot day (although i think the next 15 hours are gonna be the worst of it, trying to sleep and live with no a/c in a very warm house-- at work at least we had a/c). check out that "wind chill" (49.4C)-- and that's after 6pm. fortunately they're now saying saturday is only getting to 35C instead of a 4th day of over 40. i'm still a little concerned about the dog in this heat though she's been coping with it fairly well. i won't be able to come home for lunch tomorrow because it'll probably be too warm to safely bike the 1.5km each way without pushing myself towards heat stroke so wombat will hopefully be ok without one of us wetting her down mid-day.

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