Tuesday, January 27, 2009

even more heat

i just looked at the forecast. it's been updated. (today is still gonna get to 38C)

wednesday: Min 25 Max 41

Min 26 Max 40

Min 24 Max 40

Min 24 Max 40

Min 23 Max 31

Min 23 Max 30

i don't mind the hot days (though 4 days in a row 40+ might be getting to be a little tooo much-- especially since the "wind chill" will make it even hotter). hot nites don't work for me. i don't sleep well. i may have to figure out how to put my inflatable mattress in the yard without it getting a hole from our mostly paved yard. i'd probably sleep better out there even if the sun gets me up at 7 or so.

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