Tuesday, January 13, 2009

bit of spice

i discovered a great thing a couple weeks ago: chilli beer. when we drove back from paynesville we finally remembered to actually stop at this beer store in some small town that has a big sign out front advertising that they sell over 100 different beers. we picked up a couple raspberry ones (which were no where near as good as the berry ones we had in canada) and a couple chilli ones. the first chilli beer i had made me just wanna eat corn chips (and unfortunately the 7-11 down the road doesn't sell plain doritos so i just had to finish the beer on its own). the other chilli beer was supposed to be zac's but i told him if he couldn't appreciate it that he needed to give it to me. he didn't really like it so i got it (and we had doritos already opened for me to use). i emailed the company to find out where in melbourne we could get more chilli beer. their response wasn't very helpful (just gave me the name of their main distributor here but i couldn't find out which stores that it was actually in). i tried to do a search and found a lot of beer review websites where people said how horrible the chilli beer was (a few said it was drinkable but not great). i really like it. zac managed to find some in melbourne for me-- the bottle shop in st. kilda that specializes in their HUGE international beer range (i can't remember what the shop is called). they also have a small australian micro brew range which includes the sunshine coast brewery's chilli beer!!
i'm actually gonna try making some with my next batch of beer. i think i just need to get some little red chillis, cut a slit in them and put 1 per bottle (i'll only make a half dozen as a trial). i should probably look up info on making chilli beer but i'm pretty sure that's all that they do. it's not an everyday (or multiple beer/day) sort of drink but its a good beer to go with a salty snack.
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