Sunday, November 27, 2005

don't talk bad about them

apparently computers don't like it when you say bad things about them. i clicked on my blog yesterday to discover that the entire page of my blog was my last post "stupid computer" printed over and over again and all my other blogs went into archives. what made it bad was cleaning it all up cuz our computer is soo rediculously slow (i mean speed challenged). i have to delete each one individually and it involves opening up 4 pages every time and it got slower and slower each time i went through the cycle of clicking "edit Posts", "delete post", "confirm delete", and then the page telling me i was successful and i click "edit posts" again-- 15 times!!!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

stupid computer

i've spent WAY too much time infront of the computer this weekend. i managed to get about 40 of 92 photos from our long weekend away from a CD onto the hard drive (that was about a 2 hour process and i spent another 1 1/2 hrs trying to get the rest of them on the computer but that's not gonna happen so i give up on it now). i just spent 45 minutes now trying to post a couple photos on a blog (unfortunately the best photos are in the part of the cd that doesn't want to go on the hard drive-- our cdrom drive is kinda broken, i don't think its the cd's fault or my bad relationship with computers). after going through about 8 different "help" pages on blogger (it takes anywhere from 30 sec-2 minutes to load every webpage on our computer) and clicking back and forth on my blog editing pages i dicovered that our computer isn't good enough to support the little icon (and bit of program that goes with the icon) to upload photos onto my blog. now i have to wait until we get our new computer (which hopefully should be very soon-- i gotta get onto zac's mum about that) before i can post any photos. once we get the new computer i'll be able to post the photos from our camera too though (the ones i have on cd are from zac's mum).

Monday, November 07, 2005


i had some random thoughts about moths last nite. someone once told me that moths are trying to get to the moon and thats why when there's a lite they can get to the just keep flying into it over and over. whenever i see a moth doing this i wonder if he's just thinking "i made it" bump, "i made it" bump, "i made it" bump, "i made it" bump,... until the light is gone. but last nite i started thinking about it more. if its true (which i doubt) what happens to the moth that lives in a forest or somewhere where the only lite is the moon? does he just keep flying up and up until the air is so thin that he dies or he reaches the atmosphere and is burned up? and if moths like the light so much why are the nocturnal and stay in dark areas? wouldn't they be happier during the day when everything is bright?