Friday, June 24, 2005

the most brilliant thing ever

its probably not the MOST brilliant thing but its up there and at 8am on a friday morning after an exhausting week and its the coldest morning i've experienced in a LONG time (only about 5 degrees)its the best.i'm talking about coffee. i had my big travel mug full of it when i left the house this morning. it was great standing at the tram stop with a big warm mug (the tram was late). its brilliant having this beverage filled with caffiene to help me start my day (i wouldn't have made it out of bed this morning if i didn't know i was gonna get some within an hour of waking up) and it kept me sooo warm while i was waiting for the tram and sitting on the unheated tram (of course i think body heat helped after the tram was overpacked 2 stops later). i kinda felt bad that nobody else had one to keep them warm and awake though. the idea of a hot caffienated beverage is a great invention though.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

"winter" weather

i decided today that i can't complain about melbourne winter weather (at least not to canadians, but to sydney-siders or queenslanders i can get away with it-- they feel sorry for us down here and most wonder why anyone would live in melbourne). winter started june 1 but its been clear blue sky most days and no rain (although we definitely need it cuz we're in the middle of a bad drought). the autumn leaves have just started changing colours and falling (they're a bit behind cuz autumn was so warm). we sat at an outdoor cafe on sunday morning (yes, me and zac we're both actually up in the am hrs but only cuz zac had to work at 1pm). it was weird to think it was supposed to be winter but we could sit outside by the creek drinking coffee and just wear longsleeve tshirts. today i came home for lunch today and ate in the backyard in a tank top it was so nice. i just heard on the radio that its supposed to be up to 21C again tomorrow. melbourne is generally known for its "cold" winters and 4 seasons in one day but it's definitely not winter compared to canada (or even the mountains of southern california).