Sunday, March 04, 2012

Edgar's Mission

Last weekend we finally got to go to Edgar's Mission to meet the animals. Zac had organized the tour but there was a bit of a mix up in dates (the email said Sunday the 25th-- it was supposed to be Saturday the 25th but Zac read Sunday and Pam read 25th). No one was supposed to even be at the farm when we arrived on Sunday but they'd had to cancel an event and were headed out around lunch time so Pam gave us a slightly rushed tour and then left us to continue on with the animals and a box of Wheat-Bix. The place is pretty nice. There's some rescued dogs that followed us on our tour and one (Rory) that continued with me and Zac after Pam left. We got to meet a lot of the pigs (they were all VERY cute and loved attention). We walked down to the big paddocks and fed the sheep and goats. It was pretty cool that Pam could just point out each of them by name as they crowded around us for Wheat Bix.

This little goat was so cute (I'm not sure of his name because Pam had to leave before we got to him and his friends):

Cows have been one of my favourite animals for a long time so I was pretty excited to meet them. This is Hansel (I'm pretty sure- I've compared my photos to ones on the website). Zac became friends with him.

My favourite cow that came up to the fence was Tippi (pretty sure that's who she is). She's HUGE and has a huge rough tongue but was so gentle when taking Wheat-Bix.

We were hoping to meet Micaly because she was a best buddy that I got for Zac as a 3rd anniversary gift (traditional 3rd anniversary gifts are leather, I got Zac a rescued cow buddy instead) but she was sitting in the middle of the paddock with a couple other cows and wasn't interested in moving (she did move her ears when we called out Micaly though)

One of several gorgeous horses at Edgar's Mission:

I'm glad we finally got up there (and I wish we had been able to work it out a couple years ago when we first heard about Edgar's Mission). I will be going back again to help with one of their bi-monthly working bees and spend more time with the animals.