Saturday, December 31, 2005

happy new year...almost

there's less than 7hrs to 2006! its freakin' hot out! its currently 43C. the only time i've ever felt 43C was once in the desert in california but most of the time it was that hot we were at a resort laying around the pool or in the airconditioned villa we were staying in. i was planning on riding the 15kms or so from our house up to zac's mum's this afternoon but then we found out public transport was free so i decided just to ride the km or so to the nearest station instead. i somehow managed to get lost doing that though (i figured out where i went wrong later). i decided to ride north a bit and then turn to a station along that way. i realized after going several blocks or so that i was going the completely wrong direction becuase the train line turned back at the station i was originally intending on going to and the line began running east from there. so i turned east at that point intending to take the first street south and just end up back at my station after a bit of backtracking. next thing i know i'm taking my chance to ride down a biggish hill on the eastbound road (i needed any "coolish" breeze i could get). i finally decided to turn down south knowing i'd eventually hit the train tracks and be able to find a station by following near them one way or another. i managed to get right to a station-- just after the train left. so i guess i got a bit of a bike ride in anyway. i actually don't mind biking in hot weather but it was a little ridiculous today with a HOT wind blowing in my face almost constantly and i think i burned the tops of my feet (i was wearing flipflops). i'm sure that its hotter than 43C on the roads too with the pavement taking in all the heat and the horrible car motors giving off a ton of heat. now i'm enjoying a nice cool house before heading off to celebrate the new year with a bbq (wouldn't wanna be trying that for new years back home).

Friday, December 30, 2005

photos.... finally

zac's sister and her boyfriend delivered our new computer a few hours ago so now i can finally post photos on my blog, download all the stuff on our camera onto the computer and do lots of internet stuff that would take way too long with our old computer. here's a couple photos:

here's zac's second cousin on christmas day. i think the outfit might border on child abuse but he was kinda cute.

and of course me and my buddy ray

Monday, December 26, 2005

funny photos

i just found some funny photos on the canada club website:

Friday, December 23, 2005

where's the change?

its almost 10:30 pm and its gotta be in the mid-20s still (it was around 36C today i think). its kinda funny listening to christmas carols right now and sweating through my thin summer clothing. the cool change was supposed to be here by now (i guess melbourne weather predicitions are rarely accurate anyway though so i don't know why i decided to take the channel 10 weather guy completely seriously anyway). i can't go to bed though until the change comes cuz it'll just be too hot and uncomfortable-- i'll just wait up for ray and give him some shelter when the cool change and probable rain actually comes. 8) i think i'm gonna go light some citronella candles (to keep the mozzies away) and sit in the backyard to wait for the change (and maybe make some more vegan egg nog while i wait).
i got the recipie from one of my favourite cookbooks (i can't remember what its called but its something to the effect of 400 vegan dishes from around the globe). its really simple:
1 1/2 cups vanilla soy ice cream
1 1/2 cups soy milk
1/4 tsp ground nutmeg
3 tbsp dark rum (optional)
blend in the blender or food processor and then sprinkle with a bit of nutmeg on top once you pour it in glasses (it makes 2 nice big glasses or 6 regular "eggnog" cups)
it tastes just like the "real" stuff from the cartons in the grocery stores back home (they don't sell it in grocery stores here and most people have never even tried it).

Thursday, December 22, 2005


i have a new little buddy. his name is ray. he's a little black cat that lives a couple houses down from us. we always see him when we come home late at night and he usually comes down to the footpath or sometimes he's waiting around our yard for some attention. last weekend we noticed him eyeing the front door while we were petting him in the driveway so we decided to open the door and see what he'd do. he just walked right in and made himself at home. he went through each room and rubbed himself against all the furniture claiming it as his own and then settled in the lounge room for a pet. it was kinda cold and windy that night so we felt bad that he was outside but we decided we had to put him back out. i went for a shower and zac said he kept hearing ray pawing at the front screen door and crying to come in so he let him back in and we let him hang around for a while before pushing him back out the door. the day i got doored we didn't get home from the e.r. until late and i took a look for ray and called him but he didn't come so we went to bed. i was laying there having a lot of trouble getting comfortable enough to sleep when i heard a jungle of ray's bell outside. i went to the door and called him and he came in like it was his house. that was just what i needed then was some cuddles from ray-- and he was very happy to sit on my lap and have his ears scratched. it was good too cuz i think he understands that he's just visiting and when i took him to the front door to put him out again i just opened the door and he left and i didn't hear any cries or his bell the rest of the nite. last night again i heard ray's bells outside and called him in (i think this is going to be a routine for the next month or so since i can wait up late for him cuz i'm not working). this time i decided to try a vegan cat food sample on him. we've had the samples a while (hoping we'd get a cat and hoping it would like the food so it could be vegan). zac was very doubtful about any cat liking vegan food. i found the plastic package and waved it infront of ray's face. his eyes lit up and he eagerly followed me through the house to the kitchen where i cut open the package and put some on the floor for him. he went nuts over it. so that proves it-- cats can like vegan food. we're giving the rest of the sample to a friend to try on his cat. hopefully gunther will like it too (but unlike ray, gunther thinks he's better than everyone else so he may take one look at the food and then look up at gary to ask him why he's being fed crap).

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


i got doored by a car while riding my bike home from work yesterday. i've kinda been waiting for that moment to happen. i've had several close calls and most of our friends have been hit by opening car doors while cycling. i don't remember much. just all of a sudden a door swung infront of me as i'm riding in the bike lane next to a row of parked cars and the next thing i know i'm trying to stop myself from sliding along the pavement on my arm. i didn't have time to swerve, hit my breaks or even yell. the woman who hit me seemed more shaken up than i was at the time. she gave me her details and said she'd pay for any bike repairs or medical expenses. by the time i got home a few minutes later it started to hit me. the grazings and giant red bruises on my arm were growing bigger and i had a bump on the side of my head from my sunglasses banging on the side of my head as a fell (fortunately i was wearing my helmet-- i looked at it this morning though and there's not even a sign of a scratch or dent on it). i called zac at work all shaken up. he was supposed to be working until 8pm (it was just after 5:30 when i called him). he got worried and said i needed to go to the hospital and have my wrist xrayed. i was too upset to hop on the tram and take the 10 minute trip the hospital and zac knows i don't really like cabs so he managed to get a hold of one of his bosses at home and get permission to leave and take the work car to come and get me. so he drove 45 minutes through peak hour trafffic (it only takes him up to 30 minutes by bike) and got me and took me to the e.r. when we got there the reception nurse expained that they had a lot of doctors on duty but not enough beds (they were working on a couple people in the waiting area). she said that cuz i didn't need a bed a doctor would probably be available to look at me soon but it may take a while before i could have xrays done. 20 minutes later someone came and took me for xrays and then told me to go back the the waiting room and wait for the doctor. we figured it wouldn't be much longer now cuz the xrays were supposed to be the long wait. 3 1/2 hrs later a doctor came for me. nothing is broken (just a couple of gross looking, really sore red bruises and grazes). i got a tetnus shot out of it though. i also missed out on the most interesting moment in the waiting room aparently. zac said while i was in with the doctor a guy came in wearing a zebra costume (without the headpiece) and a woman came in wearing a weird looking cocktail dress with long gloves on her arms and holding a cigarette on a stick in her hand above her head. all i got to see was a really drunk guy (3 times he was dragged in by different people over the 4 hrs we were there), a lot of older people who looked really sick or in pain and a little girl with a broken arm that they sent off to childrens hospital cuz they were so overloaded at the e.r.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

perfect timing

i'm listening to a dirty three album right now. its a band that does mostly instrumental songs with lots of violin, drums and guitar (among other instruments). we're going to see them play in a few weeks. we saw them last year about this time and it was amazing. it was at an outdoor weekend long festival in the country. we arrived at the property early friday afternoon to find hot dry fields of people, tents, cars and vans. during one of the first bands of the day the predicted rain storms started. it didn't take long for all the fields (and especially infront of the stage area) to become mud-- i gave up on wearing shoes at this point and just walked around barefoot in the mud the rest of the weekend. saturday, the rain eased up during the day but storms started up again in the evening. (cars were bogged everywhere by this point cuz people were still arriving late friday nite and saturday morning). dirty three were playing saturday nite. the lightning storms hadn't eased up but zac said it would be worth it to go down to the stage area (we'd been listening to a few bands thru the radio from our dry car). it was definately worth it. everyone was dirty and soaked but the band was good-- the best part came near the end of their set when they hit an epic note at the climax of the song and just as they hit that note a HUGE flash of lightning filled the sky all behind the stage and the thunder boomed (i'm sure the lightning probably hit a tree right on the property we were on). it was amazing! don't think it'll be quite that epic this time we see the band (considering it's in a small pub and even if there's a storm and lighting strikes in perfect timing with the song there's no windows for us to see).

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

christmas-y day

yesterday was just like a vancouver/victoria december day (except a LOT warmer). it actually started to feel like christmas. i really like the nice hot christmases i've had here the past 2 years but i definately doesn't really feel like christmas. yesterday i woke up to gray skies and drizzle. it didn't really clear up at all in the morning so i decided not to do the errands i needed to do and get all wet. instead i found my favorite christmas cd and put it on then lit all my vanilla candles and oil burner and turned the christmas tree lights on. i started doing all the christmas stuff i needed to do (digging though my box of recycled wrapping paper and ribbons to wrap the one gift we've bought already, making christmas cards....). when i got to work the kids were all practicing their songs for their end of year sing (it includes a few christmas songs) so it still felt really christmas-y. that ended when we sat down for lunch though and the boy next to me was getting more of his muffin on the floor than in his mouth and then just turned and let a huge gob of spit drop down to the floor. at that point i got him the dustpan and brush and a rag for the spit and told him to start cleaning. of course he decided to put on a great little show of "sweeping" the muffin crumbs all over the place and the kids at his table thought this was hilarious (as soon as he actually finished sweeping the mess up he was moved to a table far away from his friends with another staff person at it).
the day ended pretty good though. on our way to serving at a street soup kitchen there was a big rumble of thunder and the rain started immediately after. we managed to serve about 6 people plus ourselves before it started POURING. me and another girl crouched down under the serving table to eat our wet meals before we all decided to just hide in the van. the rain didn't ease up so we decided to pack up our now very wet food (the friut salad and asapagas were now swimming in bowls of water) and we got very wet in the process. another storm passed through a couple hours later and we sat on the back step watching the lightning and listening to the thunder and rain. the day started as a drizzly gray vancouver december day and ended as an australian december day.

Friday, December 02, 2005


ants are amazing!! both me and zac have spent way too much time watching the ants work in our yard (and find their way into our house). its amazing the way they work and have a HUGE trail from one end of the backyard all around the edge across a bit by the gate and go down the side of the house to the front yard, down the driveway and then into the neigbour's yard (we haven't looked at where they go from that point). yesterday i actually saw ants showing emotions!!! i was watching them from a chair and i got up to do something and when i sat back down my toe injured one going on a side trail that wasn't very busy. he couldnt' really walk and i knew he'd die so i did the nice thing and put him out of his misery with my finger 8( a few seconds later one of his mates approached the body. he started visibly trembling!!! he was shaking so much as he walked away that he actually stumbled and rolled down a crack (the kind they put in sidewalks). he managed to get up and tremble away and went off in a direction that wasn't a made ant trail. for the next several minutes i watched as other ants came near the body on their trips across the ant trail. as they got close and realized it was a squished friend they turned back the way they came and picked up speed and ran!! their friend's little body ment danger to them. i caused a lot of trauma within our ant community.