Monday, January 12, 2009

another festival

within hours after i missed out on meredith tickets zac found out about all tomorrow's parties. and the most exciting part (for him anyway) was that it was being curated by nick cave (one of zac's favourite artists). i'm pretty happy we went to this over meredith this year (with 54 hours of non-stop rain and COLD weather, i don't think i would have enjoyed meredith much). atp was great-- and it was on mt buller (i'd never been to the mountains in victoria before). the only problem with atp was that the music was set between 2 stages and the band's time-slots overlapped slightly (and you had to go up and down a hill to go back and forth) but after looking at how atp was lined up for the cockatoo island and brisbane shows, victoria definitely had the best one. it was tricky trying to figure out when to eat and go back to the room for more layers in the evening though.
we only brought our semi-working point and shoot camera (which was probably a good thing cuz security was VERY strict on EVERYTHING and i think i would have been told i couldn't use my slr without a permit). the pictures weren't great (and we gave up on taking band pictures after trying a few with grinderman-the mystery act).

zac's attempt at taking photos while the screen on the camera isn't working:
the amphitheatre stage: the main stage (as seen from the chair lift):

almost all the bands were really good to amazing. i really liked f**k buttons and the dirty 3 but almost everything was good.

one of the views (near our accommodation):
before we left, we decided to take one of the really long chair lift rides just to see the view (we were gonna go on a short hike that morning but it was quite foggy and didn't clear up until just as we were leaving):


Beverly said...

Nice get-away!

I'm going to ask a totally naive question now: Is that a ski hill in the winter? Or are the lifts just for the view?

shawna said...

it is a ski hill in winter. they had a lot of artificial snow makers though (the mountains-- and sometimes the higher altitude outer suburbs of melbourne--do get snow in the winter). for a ski hill you could tell by the buildings that it would have no where near as much snow as a ski hill in canada. in summer the lifts are used by mountain bikers (and there were a LOT of them as soon as the mountain was re-opened to the public the day we left)