Thursday, January 15, 2009


we were reading in bed last nite and i heard the dog stretch. i looked over and this is how she was sleeping (it's a bit hard to tell in the photo but her bed is about 15 cm high so her head was flopping down a fair bit). she stayed like that for 15 or 20 minutes (that's when i took the photo). she probably would have stayed like that for a lot longer but when the flash flickered multiple times to help the camera focus in the low lite she stretched and lifted her head so it was resting right on the edge of her bed.
her belly is sooooooo black too!!! somebody has been sun-baking a little too much (in winter it's pink). i don't know if we should maybe be putting sunscreen on her (she doesn't have fur on most of her ears and her belly and when it's not too hot she sprawls out on her side in the sun).
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Beverly said...

I never thought about animals getting sunburned!

Brooke said...

Chica sleeps in weird positions too... in fact shes on her bed now snoring away. yesterday she must have been dreaming because her tail was wagging, legs kicking, quiet barking/whimpering... She must have been thinking of a big squirrel or something like that!

shawna said...

i think wombat dreams a lot too. she often makes barking/whimpering noises in her sleep (we always assume she's dreaming about other dogs cuz she seems to dream the most after she has had an encounter with another dog). sometimes she sounds like zoidberg in futurama (whoop,whoop,whoop,whoop, whoop)
a lot of vets and animal people in australia recommend sunscreen on dogs in spots that don't have much fur (like ears), especially if the skin is light coloured.