Monday, January 26, 2009

nothing but hot

this weeks weather forecast looks like this:

Min 16 Max 38

Min 25 Max 39

Min 26 Max 40

Min 24 Max 35

Min 21 Max 34

tonite's the only nite it's gonna be below 20 until probably next sunday nite! not sure what to do with the dog. tomorrow and wednesday i will hopefully be done work just after lunch so i can be with her and cool her down. thursday and friday we start with kids. i think i'm gonna have to ride home in the heat at lunch to wet her down. hopefully that will be enough (both our house and yard are gonna be WAY too hot for her). maybe zac can take her into work with him (in a work car since she won't be able to walk home on the hot pavement in the afternoon).


Beverly said...

Toasty warm now! Finally, your summer has arrived. Do you have a kiddie pool you could fill for her to cool off in?

shawna said...

we do have a kiddie pool for her but she won't go in it without us forcing her (she also used it as a toilet last year-- probably to show us what she thinks of it). i might have to get it out and try her again in it though.