Tuesday, February 03, 2009

pure exhaustion

26 kids (all of whom have only had 1 other day of kinder with us, a day where they came with only 12 others), no yard to use because it's being completely redeveloped (and because they couldn't work in the extreme heat all last week the workers are a week behind), several tears (although i was surprised there weren't more tears), lots of kids wondering around lost and not sure what to do at points (or not following instructions on what they should be doing), lots of cleaning up very large messes (i'm sure i packed every block away at least twice today), hearing my name being called out in a whiny tone over and over and over again (mostly the same 1 child but a few others did it at points too). i think i need to go to bed (less than 13 hours before i have to start at it all over again).
it'll be good when they all get the kinder routine down and make some new friends.

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Beverly said...

Yuck. Not the best of days. I hope you get a great sleep and find something to laugh about tomorrow ;-)