Thursday, February 26, 2009

another idiot

i almost got hit by a car on my way to work this morning. if it hadn't been for the car in front of him almost cutting me off and causing me to slow down (i was only going about 20km/h to start with) he would have got me. both cars (the one that kind of cut me off by stopping half way thru the intersection and then continuing on and the one that would have hit me) were both from some landscaping company and had trailers attached. the first car stopped at the stop sign (my street had no stop sign, they were crossing thru from a side street) and then started thru. he stopped half way thru the intersection (maybe to keep his trailer from falling off while it went over the bluestone at the start of the intersection) and that's when i slowed realizing he was gonna still be in the way when i got there. as he finished crossing the intersection i started going again then realized that the car behind it wasn't stopping for the stop sign at all but following the first car. he wasn't even looking my direction AT ALL. i stopped in the intersection just before i was in front of his car's path. he continued and as he got beside me (now on the far side of the intersection he was crossing) he looked and saw me. then he yelled at me! he yelled (quite loudly thru closed car windows) for me to get off the road!!! i was a little shaken up after having him only a couple dozen cms from hitting me and then yelling at me like i was in the wrong. a block later a car stopped and motioned for me to go thru an intersection where the car had the right of way but he stopped for me anyway. that reminded me that not all drivers are idiots (just like not all cyclists are idiots like some drivers think) but the drivers who aren't paying attention are quite scary when cycling.

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Beverly said...

Yikes! Praise the Lord! You are safe!