Friday, February 27, 2009

another good reason for coffee

apparently caffeine may be linked to reduced incidence of skin cancer. that's exciting. i almost always start my day with a "soup bowl" of coffee (the mugs in australia are generally little-- zac and i found these great big mugs at a $2 shop when we first moved into this house). i usually do a 1/2 caff. coffee in mine though since it fits 2 standard coffee cups (1 scoop regular coffee and 1 scoop decaf-- unless i'm really needing a caffeine hit). unfortunately zac's doctor told him to give up coffee completely for a while to see if it helps his weird heart palpitations that the doctors don't seem to know what it is. i think that may help since when he says he has 2-4 cups a day he means 2-4 REALLY STRONG cups that probably contain the caffeine equivalent to 4-8 regular coffees. maybe he'll have to start rubbing caffeinated sunscreen on him if scientists decide that's a beneficial product to make. future beaches will no longer smell like coconut sunscreen-- everyone will smell like coffee 8)


Beverly said...

If the palpitations continue after he's stopped all that coffee, he should ask to have a Holter Monitor. This is an ECG machine that you wear for 24 hrs. It records all your heart beats and creates a summary of strange beats. It is helpful for diagnosing conduction problems.

shawna said...

he did that once already and didn't have any issues in that 24hrs. he also wore it for a week once and had no issues (he sometimes goes for months without having any palpitations and then will have a few happen within days or weeks.
at the hospital the other day they did manage to get a recording though and when he finally gets to the specialist in april hopefully the info will be useful.