Saturday, February 07, 2009

little gaget

i happened to come across these measuring spoons while getting some friend's wedding gift. i LOVE these spoons. i've been looking for a new set for months (half our last set is missing and they're all off their ring so i can never find the one i need anyway). my only criteria in finding a new set was that they had to have both metric and imperial (apparently that's generally too much to ask). my favourite part about this set is they're magetic! they all stick together at the center and make a nice neat stack and don't get lost. it's also great that the 1/2 tsp and 1/2 tbsp are green (easy to spot without flipping through them all). the narrow end is supposed to be for easy use in narrow containers but i just like that it has 2 ends so if i measure a liquid and later need the same measurement for dry it's nice and easy (just use the other end). funny that one simple little kitchen utensil makes things so much easier. now i gotta see if they make a measuring cup set like this......
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Beverly said...

That is a very cool gadget. I like the idea of magnets holding them together.