Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i spotted this on another blog and thought i'd post it too. i wish we could take in one but our little beast wouldn't like a housemate of the 4 legged variety.

Fun4Paws - Dog respite care for bush fire victims needed

Fun4Paws is currently offering emergency respite care to the animals
affected by the bush fires, however there are many more animals than we have

There are large numbers of owners with nowhere to place their dogs. If you
are able to offer a place to a dog in your home, please contact myself of
Lynne Fitzsimmons and we will coordinate.

Luke - 0415 104 044 Lynne - 0428 844 810 or

If you are interested please let us know when your home would be available
(dates) and if you have any other pets for us to consider when placing.

Dog Listeners Australia wide have pledged $1000.00 the assist in the costs
of food, petrol etc. so we hope that all costs of looking after a dog will
be covered.

Please assist us by forwarding this email on to all of your contacts so that
together we can help the hundreds of dogs in need of temporary homes.

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