Saturday, February 07, 2009


the temperature should never get that hot. unless its in an oven. i think the cool change is just starting to blow in now!!!! we had to go to zac's 2nd cousin's first birthday way out in the eastern suburbs. we only stayed a couple hours it was just way too hot (and windy). the a/c doesn't work properly when it gets that hot and with a lot of people inside it just got humid. outside was hot. and windy. i walked out with a plate of salad and 2 minutes later a grey/black cylinder of ash from the tip of a cigarette was lying on top of my salad. nobody right near me was even smoking. we may go over to zac's sister's in a bit for a swim (after we spend a bit of time soaking the dog down)
edited to add:
i went to the age went to the age website and was greeted with this large picture:
after scanning to see if there were any articles about fires near the outer eastern suburbs (the sky was very smoky out there) i went back to the weather graph website and saw this:

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Beverly said...

46.4! That's really gross.