Wednesday, February 11, 2009


apparently i've taken up sleep talking. i'm pretty sure i've never done it before recently (i've had enough roommates that i'm sure someone would have heard something and said something to me). i've woken myself up doing it a few times in the past couple months. mostly its with this sort of re-occurring dream (which almost feels like an hallucination because until the last time i had the dream i always thought it was real and my eyes were open because in the dream its the exact view that i would see at nite with my eyes open in bed). in this dream a person, or monster or giant spider or basketball team (it's always different) comes into the bedroom thru the doorway and starts to step up onto the bed and walk over top of me to the other side of the bed. this is when i start yelling for them to stop. the last time i had the dream it happened just as zac was coming home from a late nite jam session with his band. i woke up to my yelling and realized i was sitting up in bed and the hall light was on (that's when i realized it hadn't been real because it was dark in the dream).
during one of the really hot nites a couple weeks ago zac woke up to me calling wombat (who was fast asleep somewhere in the house). he just told me to leave her cuz she was fine. i woke up to that and then fell back asleep (after reaching over the edge of the bed to grab what i thought was some magical "cool pillow"-- i woke up in the moring cuddling the dog's furry bed mat. not so cool but warm and stinky).
when we went to bed last nite i mentioned to zac that i was surprised didn't hear wombat get up in the middle of the nite the nite before (when zac's alarm went off we heard wombat jump off the couch and come into the bedroom. usually if she gets up during the nite she wakes me up doing her full body shake that she always does when standing up). zac said that i did hear her because i was talking to her (this was the first i knew about this). apparently wombat was sitting next to the bed staring at me and i was talking really loudly to her and making very little sense in what i was saying. that woke zac up. i woke up to zac crawling out of bed and saying something. at the time i figured he was telling me he had to go to the bathroom (and i couldn't figure out why he was telling me that in the middle of the nite). he was actually asking the dog if she wanted to go to bed or outside. she wanted out so zac let her out and then settled her back in her bed.
kinda funny that i'm doing this now. zac tends to sleep talk (especially when he's stressed). it always wakes me up and i just try talking back to him (its pretty entertaining). that usually ends up waking him up and then he gets annoyed that i woke him up (i just tell him he woke me up talking first). soon we'll probably start having conversations in our sleep (i've actually had 2 friends do this a few times when a bunch of us shared a room at camp one summer. me and another girl had insomnia and were usually awake when this happened. we would then try to join in and see if they were awake. they were definitely sleeping).

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