Wednesday, April 30, 2008


both of the following conversations took place this morning.

during group time the teacher was talking about one of the boys and how he injured his head at the swimming pool (i think he was running on the pool deck and slipped) and she said "i think there was a lot of blood wasn't there, bob*" a little girl then said "bob, how much blood was there?" i was impressed that she actually asked a question instead of going into a story about hurting herself at some time way back in the past like they all usually do after hearing something. i wasn't sure how bob would answer but he barely paused and stated "um, about 100 blood i think"

later a girl(and it happened to be the same little girl from the first conversation) turned to me during lunch and out of the blue stated "did you know my puppy sally shitted on my sibling's x-box (or something or other, i quit listening after shitted)."
i just said to her "we say 'pooped on'" she has been known to drop the s word occasionally (in context). its hard cuz she really has no idea its not a good word to use at 4 and i can completely picture her mum using it a lot (which is most likely where she got it) and none of the other kids around her even know the word so to try to tell her not to use it without having other kids realize the word and go home and use it in front of their parents (a lot of whom would be quite horrified if their child used it) is a bit of a challenge.

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Annie said...

LOL!!! 100 blood! I LOVE IT!
Great conversations!