Thursday, April 10, 2008


i finally got a full nite of uninterrupted sleep!!! the little beast didn't get up once during the nite. no scratching herself, liking, rolling around on the floor...... zac's alarm was what woke me up and wombi was still curled up in a ball on her bed (although as soon as zac got up to shut it off she jumped on the bed and dove under the doona but that's ok. she can have a morning cuddle). the nite before was almost perfect. she got up about 5:30, rolled on the floor a minute then came to the side of the bed. i just groaned "go to bed" and she went back to her bed and stayed there until zac's alarm went off an hour later. hopefully she'll continue the sleeping thru the nite trend. i like her more when i get a good sleep. 8)


Simply Shannon said...

I found your blog via "Thats My Answer"

Your "little beast" is a very handsome dog!

Annie said...

Yay for sleep!