Thursday, April 17, 2008


we woke up this morning to discover my bike was gone. i had locked it to zac's bike (which was locked to a pole of our carport roof) but the bike was gone and my lock (which was cut thru) was dangling from zac's bike frame.
we actually heard it being taken. we didn't realize that's what was happening though (the thought did go thru my head for a split second but i was more concerned that someone was trying to break into our house). i woke up to a noise about 12:30 or 1am. wombat heard it to and got up and barked and growled like she'd never done before (occasionally she'll hear a noise-- or nothing-- during the nite and get up and let out a couple howls and then just go back to bed). because she was being so vocal zac got up and flicked the outside lite on and off a few times to let anyone out there know there was someone home and awake. he praised wombat and sent her back to bed and we all went to sleep again.
i think my bike was probably gone before zac even got up though. i'm sure the noise that woke me and wombat up was the sound of my bike being pulled off zac's bike (and banging the pole) and the person was probably gone within a few seconds after wombat started barking. maybe she saved zac's bike though.
fortunately we insured our bikes almost 2 months ago after a couple friends had their bikes stolen but it's going to be a pain going around getting replacement quotes for the insurance company (especially with no bike to get me there) and i think with the accessories that were on my bike it'll probably be more to replace than the insurance covers (they only cover up to $500 for bikes in open air on your property).


kristy said...

Our neighbours bike got stolen a few nights a go and they must have taken one look at my bike which was pretty close and thought it was not worth it.

That's about the fourth stolen bike I have heard of in the last month. I wish I could mine inside somewhere but our place is too small.

kristy said...

That's supposed to read I wish I could KEEP mine inside ...


Brooke said...

Oh Shawna, I know what its like to have bike stolen... It really sucks. I was 22 when my bike was ripped off and I lost all faith in the goodness of human kind. Now I don't ride my bike anywhere and if by chance I have to, I take off the seat and bring it with me, remove the front wheel and lock it to the rest of the frame and then I put the bike in such a position, that it would take too long to move. I know, its a pain, and really disappointing.