Wednesday, April 30, 2008

early winter

its been soooooo cold this week. i've been wearing 4-5 layers at work all day. and gloves outstide. i spent all of sunday nite huddled in a little ball shivering (even with sweat pants and a hoodie on). i was very happy for wombat to come on our bed early in the morning and help me warm up. i added the second half of our doona to the bed on monday(our doona is basically 2 doonas that can be used separately or attached together in winter for a big fluffy warm doona). i also put my thick mexican blanket over my half the bed (its not big enough for 2) to help keep me warm. we've had the central heating on before bed and zac turns it on half an hour before he gets up in the morning. today and tomorrow its supposed to get up to 18 or 19C. that's not exactly warm but its much more bareable than 14C with a windchill making it even colder.
for some reason the kids at work don't seem to feel the cold. all the staff are bundled up and we make them get at least a jumper on to go outside (some want to go out in tshirts). a couple of the girls have had bare feet in sandals!! i asked one if her feet were cold and her response was "my dad said it was gonna be warm today" (not sure where he got his weather info cuz the forecasted high was 15C and it must have been around 7 or 8 when she left home that morning-- not bare feet weather). so i asked her if her feet were cold right then and told her we had spare socks if she didn't have any in her locker. she quickly accepted the spare socks offer (and even took them after i told her we didn't have pink-- just navy blue, black, mustard yellow and a weird shade of red).
i guess the kids are running around a lot more than us but they'll actually put their hands into FREEZING cold water and play with that. how can that be fun?

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