Tuesday, April 15, 2008

hard day

today wasn't so good (although the afternoon, after my squashed finger quit throbbing, was better).
we decided in our meeting yesterday (actually yesterday involved 2 meetings and a total of 3 hrs!!! so yesterday was VERY long) that we were gonna tag team a child in the group that just seems to lack any motivation to do ANYTHING. i got put on him shortly after i walked in this morning. my job was to sit him down with a puzzle, a hard one (which we know he is capable of doing). i spent the next 45 minutes (and then another staff spent several minutes with him) trying to get him to quit playing dumb and do the puzzle.
we have another child who is new to the group. she spent all of last week crying (until friday afternoon when another child befriended her and she was laughing and having a great time). she did pretty well this morning but i think she was really trying to hold back the tears and by lunch she just couldn't contain it anymore and WAILED through most of lunch. after lunch when rest time was starting the crying started again. i tried to comfort her while other children were trying to listen to songs. all the kids near her just stared and asked if i could make her stop. one girl asked if i could turn the music up (that wasn't going to happen-- we didn't need any more loud noises on top of the wailing and most of the children singing shouting the songs). fortunately one of my co-workers came over to relieve me so i could go home for lunch. all thru my lunch all i could hear in my head was that poor kids wailing.
after lunch i headed out the front door and managed to squash my finger in the door (the big heavy wooden door) as a closed it. i haven't done that sort of thing in ages. i forgot how much it hurts. i had to go back in and ice it for a few minutes before heading back to work (where i iced it some more).
at least the afternoon was a bit calmer after that (and when it did get bad, i just quietly went inside for a few minutes and reminded myself that i have an rdo--rostered day off--tomorrow)

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