Monday, April 14, 2008


the only time sydney road is this bare on a sunday afternoon is during cyclovia (a.k.a. tour de moreland). i think this was the second one they've done. its great being able to ride a few kms up sydney rd without fear of being doored, cut off or pedestrians stepping out infront of you. i know last time they were thinking that if cyclovia was successful it may happen more often. this one seemed pretty quiet (and we were there earlier this time then we were last time). it was still hard to find somewhere to get a coffee though cuz there were bikes piled up in front of every cafe (we did manage to find a quieter cafe 1/2 a block of sydney rd when we went to lock our bikes up there). i only took the one photo but a few other people have uploaded some good photos to flickr. i'd like to find the photo i saw several people taking of a guy sitting in a lounge chair in the middle of the street.
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