Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the good and the bad of facebook

a couple facebook related things have happened in the last couple days. first the bad. i received a horrible video on my funwall of a motorbike rider being killed as a lorry hit him. the friend who sent it accidentally sent it to everyone (actually her husband did). when i deleted the video somehow it ended up getting sent on to everyone in my friends list. i discovered this the next nite when zac asked why i sent him that video. i was able to delete the videos i sent but this was a day later and i'm sure a lot of my recipients had already seen it. i've now sent in 2 notices to youtube flagging the video as inappropriate (one last nite and one just now). its still on there. i can't believe people would actually post that. and watch it knowing what it is-- i didn't have the title on it when it was sent to my funwall. i think i'm going to delete my funwall application because that's not the only video i've had sent to me that i questioned why i was being sent it (it was just the most horrible one) so i'm wondering how many things are accidentally being sent around to funwalls on facebook.
now onto the good. thru facebook i've connected up with a lot of people from the past. most just to see what the other is up to now, some to talk about the old days and a few that i've met up with again in person. today was one of the meeting up days. a girl from my dorm in my second year of university (so 10 years ago--- wow!) moved to melbourne 3 weeks ago. we met up for lunch today and ended up spending a few hours wandering around parks chatting about people we knew, life in canada vs australia, immigration, jobs........ its always fun to catch up with other canadians and especially since she just moved here (her boyfriend is from here) it was nice to be able to assure her the initial shock of moving around the world does wear off and melbourne is a great city to live in.

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