Tuesday, April 22, 2008


zac finally replaced my drowned camera a couple weeks ago. he ended up getting the canon 400D with a image stabilizing lens. unfortunately with wombat's rat obsession she can't handle the camera. i used just set the camera up on a tripod while she slept and experiment with different setting and angles but now as soon as the automatic focus makes a noise or the click of the shutter button or the pre-photo flashes (which the 400D seems to do a lot more in focusing in dark areas than the 350D did) she's off to the back door our outside if the door is open. i tried earlier this evening to get her to realize it wasn't the rat but she just went crazy and i think she just hates the camera in general now (note to self: keep camera out of dogs reach when i'm not around). i did get a few shots of her outside the other day though:

they look cute here but in the 8 photos before this one and the half dozen after it zac is being mauled by the dog (in a playful way):

a bee (hard at work collecting pollen from my basil that's gone to seed):
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