Friday, April 04, 2008

the beast

i'm not that impressed with the dog lately. first it was a week of her waking up at 4am farting and needing to go outside with diarrhea. that passed and then she moved on to pooping on the carpet during the nite (thankfully not diarrhea and zac took care of it before i got up) and then projectile vomit (she was trotting behind me thru the house, i turned around, she stopped and then vomit shot out of her mouth), muddy footprints thru the house (multiple times), dirt in our bed, rat chasing obsessions and then today she went nuts trying to get the pigeons in the park but had picked up too much speed, pulled the lead from my hand damaging some random tendon or muscle in my arm. she's still cute though. and i don't mind a cuddle (or her thinking she's a small lap dog) when she's all placid and tired but i'd like to sleep thru the nite, not have to scrub or vacuum the carpet EVERY day and i like my right hand when it functions without pain (i've got a heat pack under it right now so its less painful to type).

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Angie said...

Hi Shawna - Just wandered over from That's My Answer and wanted to let you know I followed you to your blog. Best of luck with your wee "beast"... sounds a bit too much like when my kids were small and everyone had the tummy bug!