Friday, April 25, 2008

food and drink

drink: i have a bit of a weird method of choosing wine. i go by the picture on the bottle: if its got an animal (especially a really cute or cartoon-y one) then the wine will be good. so far this method hasn't failed me. we went to the wine clearance center this afternoon to stock up again. we came home with 4 different billygoat wines and 2 wines with a lizard on the front. zac's not too impressed with the one we just opened but i think its pretty good (i've tried the billygoat chardonnay before and it was good so i told zac get some reds from that company too).
food: when i first moved to australia i was very sad about the lack of canned black beans in this country. they were a staple food for me back home and moving here i found none. i once tried to cook some dried ones but no matter how long i soaked and cooked them they still had a slight crunchiness too them. i gave up and tried to make kidney beans a replacement but it wasn't quite the same. in the last few months canned beans have been popping up lots of places (and not just u.s.a. foods). we found them at the organic shop near our house first and then in the organic section of one of the supermarkets near us (but i can't remember which one even though i bought them there twice-- it was either coles, safeway or pedemonte's iga). yesterday i found them at the green grocer right near pedemontes. sooooo excited to start adding black beans into my cooking again!

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