Thursday, April 10, 2008


that's how many millilitres of blood i lost today. i donated blood today. it works out nicely now that the city blood donation centre is open until 6pm (it used to be 2:30 0r 3) and i get off work at 4 on thursdays and fridays now. it is a bit frustrating going in at the tail end of the day though cuz the snack bar isn't open (they just put out some crackers, cheese, candies and cookies on the counter) and they seem to be a bit short staffed (and staff seem frustrated at each other for not having enough people helping in their area). the interview woman recommended that i maybe wait 5 or 6 months between donations because my hemoglobin levels are always right on the border of being too low (it was i think almost 4 months this time and she had to do 2 tests to get a high enough reading). weird cuz i actually have been making a conscious effort to make sure i'm eating lots of iron rich foods the last few days.

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