Thursday, May 01, 2008

don't ignore the blue blob

earlier this morning that blue blob was west of melbourne (and i'm sure it was smaller too). i had to bike out to north melbourne (about 5 or 6 km i think) so i checked the forecast. it said "a few scattered showers later in the day". i looked at the weather graph with the rain chart on the side and saw the blue blob heading melbourne's direction but i chose to believe the weather forecast (which was probably put up 12 hours ago or more) and just took a light non-waterproof windbreaker with me (i was worried that if i didn't rain then i'd have my bag full of rain gear that i didn't need and barely any room for groceries). it poured down my entire ride home (i still stopped for groceries and walked around the supermarket dripping wet). at least i got to come home and have a nice hot shower and put on some dry clothes. next time i'm gonna pay more attention to the rain chart and not the predicted forecast.

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Rodney Olsen said...

That is a truly serious blue blob.