Friday, May 02, 2008


its been going on for weeks and getting worse. i've never had allergies (other than dust but that was avoidable and only short term affects when i did stir it up) until right before i moved to oz. somehow i developed hayfever type allergies a couple weeks before i moved down here (and after taking "non-drowsy" pseudophedrine tablets i discovered i'm one of the few people that actually get REALLY drowsy from pseudophedrine). the hayfever has never been really bad and rarely do i have to take anything for it. a few weeks ago it started getting worse so i was taking tablets most days. then the tablets quit working about a week or so ago. its been horrible. they tend to flare up at nite (which makes me think its something in our house) and i spend the whole evening feeling miserable with itchy, watery eyes, an itchy nose that constantly drips and when its at its worse, itchy throat/ears. i've ended up going to bed before 9 most nites and wondering if i'll make it to work the next day. after waking up several times thru the nite i get up in the morning and feel fine after blowing my nose a few times. i finally called the clinic today to make an appointment to see what i can do about this. the earliest they can fit me in is tuesday afternoon. i went back to the chemist this afternoon and they gave me something that's slightly different than the other tablets i've taken (and cheaper) so i'm gonna give that a try tonite and hopefully that'll do something otherwise it's gonna be a long 4 days til i get to the doctor. i'd like to find out what's causing the allergy (and hopefully be able to avoid it) or it'd be good if the allergy just went away.

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