Friday, May 02, 2008

steady and not

i was excited this morning that the over nite low was 11 point something and at 7.30am it was holding steady. that was a good sign that once the sun actually rose higher (the sunrise was actually visible too and not hidden behind thick grey clouds) it would warm up (and 11 isn't too cold anyway). it did. it was a nice sunny morning. i went home for my hour lunch at 11.30. when i put the dog our before going back i noticed some THICK grey clouds coming. i rode back to work and big drops of rain started falling just as i parked my (borrowed) bike undercover. i went outside and started organizing the kids for lunch on picnic tables on a narrow undercover area. the sky got REALLY dark and just after they all sat down the rain started POURING. then thunder and lighting. the wind picked up and hail started blowing onto the children closest to the edge of the covered area. we had to move most of the kids inside for the rest of lunch (where we were trying to set up beds for rest time). a few braved the cold wind and sat huddled along the wall watching the rain pour down and flood the yard while the ate. by the time the last child finished eating and we were ready to start rest time the sun was out, the sky was blue and it was warm again. i guess that's why they say melbourne is 4 seasons in one day.

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