Tuesday, May 20, 2008


i was just about hit in a round-a-bout on my way home from work today. i think this the 3rd time i've come close to getting hit in this round-a-bout. i'm very cautious going thru it so when i see that the car that's supposed to yield to me isn't slowing, i hit my brakes in the middle of the round-a-bout. the woman who just about hit me tonite had her window down a few inches and after i slammed my break and put my feet down about 2 feet from the side of her car i yelled a not very nice word at her window as she passed. NO RESPONSE!! didn't flinch or anything. i have no idea if she even saw me (or heard me) after the fact. not sure how you can miss someone if you're actually paying attention while driving because its a pretty well lit round-a-bout and i had a very bright flashing white light on the front of my bike. one of my co-workers had a bike accident a few weeks ago (and isn't back at work yet). not sure if a car hit her or if she just fell but it was pretty bad (she's apparently missing some teeth now). i know i don't want to be part of another bike accident so i do as much as i can to avoid them but drivers need to be aware of cyclists (and there are a lot of them around melbourne) and be watchful for them as well as cars.

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