Thursday, May 15, 2008

my favourite work day of the year

wild action comes to visit every year. its my favourite visitor that we get. unfortunately this year the second day that they came fell on my r.d.o. and i even though i love it, i'm not gonna come in on my day off to see it (i have come in early in the past to see it though). we always get the aussie animal talk that they do which is really good. i feel a bit bad for all the reptiles and other animals in their little pens that are then taken out for everyone to touch (and a few people to hold). the handler is pretty good about being aware of the animal at most times and they do put them away if they're becoming distressed (and when they get back home they have large enclosures to run in). i was hoping to hold the salt water croc (its only a baby but its pretty big and heavy) but she wasn't wanting to be held. i did get to hold one of the teenager snakes. i was impressed that not one child in the group had issues touching or holding the animals (every year there's been a couple children who are quite hesitant but we usually encourage them to at least touch 1 animal). one of the dad's told us his daughter is quite scared of animals when he found out that wild action was coming. she never showed any of that to us. she touched every animal and she even held the crocodile at the end of the talk (her dad was quite impressed when he saw the photo)!
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Annie said...

My son say's, "That Snake is HUGE!"
Wow! Good on you! I would touch a snake, but wear it??! No thanks!