Friday, May 30, 2008

getting somewhere

after a couple weeks of randomly clicking the clicker and giving wombat food she's finally over her fear of it. i decided yesterday to start using it on walks. the first couple times worked well but then nicholson st was louder than usual with multiple trams and big trucks and motorbikes flying by and she didn't even seem to notice the click. i tried to turn up the volume/tone but then she freaked out when i clicked it (i had it attached to my left wrist so it wasn't too far above her head) so i had to turn it back to what she was used to. when we turned onto the top side street of our loop they were doing road works (cutting out a huge chunk of pavement i think) so there was no point in trying to click. then i ran out of food. i think it'll be better if we start the heeling clicker training in the park anyway. only problem is that the council hasn't cut the grass in about a month and because we've had lots of rain and then dew most mornings the grass is ALWAYS wet (and its LONG) so i get really wet in the park-- gotta get me some gum boots.
the photo above is the little bear in her brand new jacket (or horse blanket) that i got for $6 at a cheap shop. it fits her WAY better than the expensive one (that we got on sale but was still expensive) we got her. i'm gonna try to cut a slit in it so she can wear it with her harness on cold morning walks. she loved it though and curled up all evening in her chair and on the couch with it. we're thinking about using it for "pyjamas" for her so she doesn't keep waking up cold when she kicks her blanket off during the nite.

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