Sunday, May 30, 2010

eggplant bhurta and cravings

we had 1 small eggplant that was starting to go past it's prime sitting in the fridge and needed to be used for dinner last nite. it wasn't big enough to make eggplant parma with so i flipped through some cookbooks for ideas and decided on eggplant bharta from la dolce vegan. it was quick, easy and was really tasty. i love all the spices in this indian dish. next time i might try it with quinoa instead of brown rice, just to add more protein.
i also made chocolate pudding for dessert. i hadn't made chocolate pudding in ages and ever since a co-worker was talking about it last week i've been craving it. now that craving is satisfied but i have a new one (and no i'm not pregnant)-- i want to try a grilled 'cheese' and asparagus sandwich. i ran into a co-worker yesterday on sydney rd. just as she was heading to radical grocery for the first time (she's vegan and wheat intolerant and i've been telling her to check out radical grocery for ages and she finally made it there yesterday). she sent me a text today saying how excited she was to have grilled 'cheese' and asparagus sandwiches for the first time in 10 years now that she has cheezely. i've never had asparagus on my grilled cheese. it sounds like it would be really good though. i have cheezely but no bread or asparagus and i'm to lazy to do anything about that this afternoon.
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