Sunday, May 16, 2010

nachos 'n' cheesecake

i couldn't be bothered cooking last nite so we decided to stop by the east brunswick club for dinner on our way home from our afternoon wandering sydney rd. i convinced zac that he would be full if we split the nachos and then got dessert (we've never had dessert there because every time we go, we're too full from dinner and don't hang around long enough afterwards to be hungry enough for dessert). i was impressed with the nachos but i didn't get any photos cuz the room was extremely dark (and i realized we were sitting in the darkest corner of the dark room). i can't even say exactly what was on them, cuz it was so dark: beans, jalapenos, salsa, corn, guacamole, vegan cheese and sour cream.... they were good-- and loaded with toppings. for dessert i went with the berry "cheese"cake and zac went with the chocolate coconut "cheese"cake. it was one of the best vegan cheesecakes i've had. it even had a cream cheese aftertaste to it. sooooooo good i really didn't want to finish my beer afterwards and wash away the cheesecake taste (i did though). we'll just have to go back again so i can get more cheesecake. fortunately we have some omni friends who have been saying they want to go back to the east with us and it didn't work out this weekend so maybe next weekend will have to go back with them.

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Niki said...

Jealous. I still haven't eaten there, but saw they had a vegan duck kiev on the menu last Friday! Sounds amazing!