Friday, May 28, 2010

please sign

below is a link to sign a petition. this petition is to get the government to fund the one effective treatment available for the life-threatening disease PNH. it is a rare but life threatening disease that basically causes red blood cells to be destroyed. this causes major health issues that can lead to death (35% of PNH patients die within 5 years of diagnosis if they don't receive effective treatment). zac's cousin's wife was diagnosed with PNH in january (2 months before her and her husband were married). she has had to undergo several blood transfusions since diagnosis and was depending on the one drug treatment that is known to effectively manage PNH to be funded by the government in this year's budget. the government did not provide that funding for the 70 australians who have been diagnosed with this disease. the PNH support group is petitioning parliament to pass legislation to give PNH suffers access to life-saving treatment. the age (as well as other newspapers and online news sources) printed an article on this issue.

click HERE to sign the petition. (the petition is only for Australian citizens)

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