Tuesday, May 18, 2010


velo cycles came to my rescue again today. this morning i realized part way to work i had a flat tire again (this is the second one in 2 weeks plus a third time where i pulled the valve off the tube while pulling off my bike pump-- i'd only had 1 other flat on this bike before this month). i decided just to lock it up and walk the rest of the way. i picked it up on the walk home for lunch and after eating i decided to try to fix it (i still had 15 minutes before i would have to start walking back if i didn't finish fixing it). the hole was really easy to find so i patched it, checked for sharp pieces in the tire and quickly re-assembled it. i was only gonna be a couple minutes late getting back from lunch but as i was riding in my bike was bumping up and down. i had a quick look but couldn't figure out what i'd done wrong so i called work and said i was gonna be a bit late cuz i was going to go a block out of my way and take my bike to velo. i went in and the guy noticed right away i hadn't put the tire on the rim right. he deflated the tube, fixed it and re-inflated it on the spot (and added a bit of air to the front tire as well) . velo is really good like that (i've seen other people walk in with quick issues they've fixed right there and they've replaced a snapped gear cable for me on my way in to work). so glad our closest bike shop is a really good one (they also sell microcosm bike related t-shirts, patches and stickers which is really cool and they used to have pamphlets about with reasons to go vegetarian on the counter)

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