Tuesday, May 04, 2010

4 seasons

this morning it was warm- unusually warm for autumn. i went to work wearing sandals and a light jumper over a t-shirt. it was 23C when i came home for lunch. mid afternoon the sky got REALLY dark. cold wind started blowing in the windows at work. i rode home in the pouring rain (and if i hadn't decided to leave work 10 minutes early i probably would have missed the huge downpour and just got a little damp in misty rain). i also didn't bring a rain jacket (just a wind breaker) even knowing it would probably be raining when i came home from work-- i figured maybe if i didn't prepare, it wouldn't happen (i should know things don't work like that). melbourne is a 4-seasons-in-one-day sort of place but it hasn't happened much the last couple years. i always forget that it will happen and i need to prepare for every kind of weather almost every day.
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