Tuesday, April 27, 2010

macro and goats

i got a macro lens off ebay last week. i haven't got a chance to play around with it too much but i did get a few pictures of the dog chewing a ball:

and what i'm 99% sure is the exoskeleton of a huntsman spider:

i took a couple shots of the spider (which was in a plant pot in the backyard) and sat down to have a smoothie nearby. when i got up to take more pictures it was gone. i'm pretty sure the wind blew it somewhere (i had moved the pot into the middle of the yard just before i sat down and there were gusts of wind blowing around). i couldn't find it anywhere though (i knew it wasn't the actual spider and if it was, it was definitely dead cuz i tapped it with a stick at one point and it just tipped forward in it's position).

goats seem to be following me everywhere. i went for a bike ride to the collingwood childrens' farm with a couple friends and their dog yesterday afternoon. this is robert:

i wish i'd been able to get a shot of silas (my friends' dog) meeting robert but i missed it.
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