Sunday, April 25, 2010

yong green

we went back to yong green food again yesterday. they've changed a bit the menu since i was there last (not long after they opened). zac went there for lunch one day while i was in canada and really liked it.
the food was really good and the service is great but the atmosphere needs some work. the music kinda sounded at bit like "cats in heat" as zac put it. it didn't really bother us much (i think i preferred it over the pop music that was playing last time) but the couple next to us got up and left 2 minutes after they sat down and we're pretty sure it was the music that got to them. when they turned on the much needed fan at the back of the restaurant where we were sitting it was cooled the area nicely but the fan made the light above us sway and trying to eat with light and shadows going over our food was annoying for a couple minutes until we could ignore it.
the food was good though. really good. i got the rawsange and was impressed. zac got the korean bbq (that's what he got last time i went but he couldn't remember). i like the sauce on the korean bbq. last time zac was there he got a green smoothie which he said was really nice. i wanted to try one yesterday but i was a bit too full so it'll have to wait until next time.

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