Saturday, April 17, 2010

around vancouver

i had 2 full days to wander around vancouver. the first day i decided not to bring my camera because it was supposed to rain. turned out that the only time it rained was twice for a few minutes while i was on public transport. the next day i brought my camera and it rained all afternoon. i did manage to get a couple shots before the rain came.

the olympic torch looking kinda ugly and plastic (in the background is a green roof with grasses and soon native plants growing on it):

the bottom of the torch is either being made into a water area or glass/something to look like water. they're keeping the torch and it will be lit for special community events starting with canada day, july 1 this year.
a clever way to hide ugly construction during the olympics:

from the sea bus in north van heading to the city to get the sky train to the airport (of course there was blue sky on my last day but the wind was strong and icy cold):
tops of buildings and huge mountains as seen from the tarmac at the airport:
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