Saturday, April 17, 2010

spring time in canada

there were tulips and daffodils everywhere!

and baby goats! these guys were at the beacon hill children's farm. i wasn't gonna go in because i didn't really like the idea of small children mauling little animals but when i looked in the fence it was all very nice and the goats were coming up to children who were patting or brushing them and they were sooooo cute so i ended up going in and not being able to drag myself away until all the baby goats were put away for the evening.

on easter sunday the local tv station (which i guess couldn't find anything worth broadcasting) put on a few hours of these baby goats (and their moms). it was a 45 minute loop of the goats playing in their yard that kept repeating over and over (and i watched a good part of it over and over cuz they are sooooooo cute and i had nothing else to do since my easter tofurkey dogs weren't gonna take the whole day to cook like the "small" turkey my mom was working on).
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