Tuesday, April 27, 2010

more molting

when i was looking at my spider exoskeleton pictures i remembered i had these pictures from the nite before i left for canada.
i wish i had something in the photo to compare size to but cockroaches gross me out so taking pictures was almost a little too much for me, no way was i gonna hold an object near him (he was on the side of a shelf in the laundry) to show his size and risk him running away (zac got him in a container after we stared at him and photographed him and then he was relocated across the street).
it was a pretty big cockroach to start with (the dark exoskeleton) and it was HUGE coming out of it (hard to believe it actually all fit in there). i don't know if it's new outside shrinks down at all as it darkens (?) but if it doesn't, it would be the biggest cockroach i've ever seen (and i've seen some really big ones).

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