Friday, April 23, 2010

vegan nacho cheese and cashew everthing

so many things you can make with cashews!
i just made an amazing nacho cheese (and ate the quesadilla i made with some of it before i remembered that i was gonna take a photo). i printed out this recipe ages ago and found it in my big book of random recipes shoved together (one day i will get plastic sleeves for them or make holes in the paper and maybe even get some dividers to help sort them).
i usually make this queso but i've eaten it so much that i'm ready for a change for a while. the cheese i made now would also make a good dip for veggies or crackers.
i also came across a good recipe for homemade larabars (basically equal parts raw cashews and dates blended up with whatever other seeds etc. that you wanna add in) that i'm gonna try out this weekend after i finish the vegan energy balls i made the other day:

i based these balls off of this recipe but omitted the coconut, threw in some sunflower seeds, flax seed, chia seeds,walnuts and rolled them in a mixture of ground flax and chia seeds.
i also wanna try making cashew whipping cream (not sure what i wanna put it on, maybe raw sundaes or just eat it by the spoonful if it's good).

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