Thursday, October 02, 2008


for my birthday i got a copy of now vegan. its great cuz its australian so all the ingredients she uses are available here (and they all go by the names she uses so i don't have to figure out if there's an aussie name for ingredients like in north american cookbooks). its almost more of a coffee table book-- i'm scared to get kitchen mess on it cuz the photos are sooooo amazing (the photo of the chocolate pudding above looks about 100 times better in the book-- its featured on the cover as well as the title page of the dessert section and a full page photo on the page opposite the recipe). the recipes are pretty easy and simple for the most part (zac-friendly) and they all sound soooo good. so far i've only made the chocolate pudding (twice). its called chocolate mousse in the book but its definitely more pudding, which i prefer over mousse. it is AMAZING!!
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