Wednesday, October 01, 2008


i got pretty lucky that the few days i work during the school holidays this time are all days with only a few kids (9 at most). i did get called in on a day off yesterday but i only did the last 4 hours and half of the 17 kids we had slept. today we had 7. one went home before 1pm. we had 3 staff at that point. we took the remaining 6 to the park down the road for an hour then had a really late lunch at 2 and started rest time about 2:45 (usually we finish rest time around that time). within 20 minutes 5 of the 6 were sleeping and the 6th followed shortly after. we got a couple things done and then we were discussing a few things when one of my co-workers looked at the clock and said "it's 4!!" i was off at 4-- i got to go home and all the kids were still sleeping (they did start waking 2 kids up at that point because they're parents don't like them to sleep too long-- its holiday program, we let them sleep longer than usual cuz they need a break from routine too). it'll be hard going back to the regular routine with 25-28 kids. it's the final term though.

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