Friday, October 24, 2008

doing the job

i wend to the doctor yesterday. i think this doctor is the same one that made zac not go back to this clinic ever again. the guy pretty much told me (without actually saying it because he would be fired) that there was no reason for me to come in to see him, i have a virus and there's no reason to do blood tests. i kept pushing him that i want blood tests done and this isn't normal for me to be like this over and over again for months on end (i do have an ex-co-worker that this is pretty normal for). finally he agreed to do a B-12 test. i said i wanted iron too (i know you can get a lot of different things tested with that one blood sample so i don't know why he was having such an issue-- he wasn't even gonna be the one taking the blood or analyzing it. he just has to sit with me for 5 minutes again next week and tell me the results-- and he'll be paid for it cuz its his job!). he finally agreed to do zinc and iron. so next week i'll find out if there is actually anything contributing to me feeling horrible other than the multiple viruses i've had. if i don't like what he says then i'll just book an appointment with the woman at the clinic who is really good and i really like and i'll wait the 3 weeks it takes to get in to see her.

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